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Eric founded as a way of turning his hobby of running through the streets of San Francisco into an extension of his outdoor fitness offerings. 

OutFit: Outdoor Fitness Classes & Hikes

Eric Haugen never really liked working out indoors, so in 1999 he founded OutFit to get people working out outdoors to keep them motivated and get the benefits of being outside in a social environment.  Participants enjoy the best fitness program in a setting that truly inspires them.

11 years later, Eric founded the Urban OutFit 7x7 hikes in 2010, turning his hobby of running through the streets of San Francisco into an extension of his outdoor fitness offering.  These hikes give OutFit members even more variety in their social-fitness activities, including time to discover & explore!


OutFit Founder

  • 20 years as a private fitness trainer

  • 5 years as a private cycling/triathlon coach

  • Founded OutFit in 1999

  • Found Urban OutFit 7x7 Hikes in 2010

  • USCF & NCAA collegiate cyclist (UC Davis 1994 NCAA National Champions)

  • Triathlete

  • BS Exercise Physiology from the University of California at Davis

  • MS degree from Santa Clara University

  • Studied with the American Council for Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine


Mia's love for movement and fitness started at the age of 4 as a competitive dancer for nearly 20 years, gymnast, cheerleader, high school and club volleyball player, but her real journey started when she got her own gym membership and fell in love with working out at the age of 16.  After years of wear and tear on her knees, at the age of 17, Mia was faced with the possibility of double knee surgery but took on the task of researching and rehabbing her knees on her own and was able to heal her knee pain and avoid surgery.  Fueled by her recovery, she knew that helping people live pain free was her calling. Mia pursued her passion and received a  degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University, and became a licensed massage therapist specializing in Active Release Therapy (ART), Trigger Point Therapy, and Sports Massage.  Mia has nearly 20 years in the business as a personal trainer, and 17 years as a Body Work specialist, working with clients that range from patients who have suffered strokes to professional athletes. 



Mo has been in the fitness industry for nearly a decade since graduating from UAH. After completing his own significant weight loss transformation as a teenager, he began to teach and inspire those around him. With a NASM certification along with other specialized certifications under his belt, Mo has become an expert in his field with a primary focus in core training.


Kristy’s fitness career started twelve years ago when her love for dance took her to the front of the class teaching the basics of Zumba. Since then, she has expanded her knowledge and expertise into personal training and other forms of fitness such as strength and HIIT classes. Her latest venture..becoming a mom! Her passion for leading and educating people on their health and fitness journey’s has led her work with the Outfit team! 

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